Remodeling your existing inground swimming pool is easier than you think. Our staff can assess your needs and provide you with a detailed plan that will include a full makeover for your pool area. Below are some specific examples of remodeling projects to give you an idea of the ways we can renovate, repair or improve your existing pool.
Remodel Your Construction
An unsightly crack in your pool or decking can be unsightly or unsafe. Not to worry, we can remedy those for you. The passage of time, as well as the outdoor environment, can take a toll on your pool and its surroundings, so a pool replaster may just what is needed to bring your backyard back to life. We do our own concrete work, so if it’s a new deck or repair to an existing deck you need, you can count on us to do the job right.
Remodel Your Accessories

A backyard pool can create the perfect outdoor environment. The choice is yours – include patio furniture and lounges to serve as quiet spots to relax, or add an element of pool fun with toys and pool accessories.  Enjoy a meal cooked on your outdoor grill, and bring the comfort of indoors outside with an outdoor fireplace. With the variety of accessories available today, your swimming pool area will be your family’s favorite place to be year-round.

Remodel Your Landscaping

Make your pool area an extension of your home with a seamless transition from house to pool. Colorful tropical foliage and lush greenery will add depth and color to your backyard and create a botanical paradise. Use hedges, fencing, and retaining walls for privacy and safety. If it’s additional or new landscaping you want, there are many reputable landscape designers that we would be happy to recommend or partner with to make your outdoor vision a reality. You should enjoy the view around your pool as much as the time you spend in it!
Remodel Your Lighting

Add or modify swimming pool lighting to extend your poolside entertaining well into the evening. In fact, lighting can change the entire mood of the pool at night. Enjoy the dramatically different atmosphere as late as you like! Low profile lights or landscaping lights give subtle illumination around the perimeter, and underwater and fiber optic lights can give swimmers a colorful underwater display. For the ultimate experience – synchronize your waterfeatures with your fiber optic lights.
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